420 Windsor Ontario 2017 come and celebrate

420 Windsor Ontario 2017


It is official.  There will be a 420 Windsor Ontario 2017 celebration. “Cannabis without borders”

Thousands of people will travel to Windsor, Ontario from Toronto and Detroit, Michigan for this massive celebration of 420.  Local cannabis activist Leo Lucier has confirmed that the famous Sam Mellace will be attending.  Read more about Sam and how he is helping patients get treatment for a variety of medical conditions and the proven studies

sam mellace clinic


Sam Mellace was recognized  by National Geographic and articles have been written about him on Huffington Post.   It is being organized by CannaLube, Crop King Seeds and members of the Cannabis Rights Coalition

Sam Mellace is also the man behind Affinor Growers Vertical Cannabis Grow Trial which can be seen in this video.  A Vertical growing tower that can be used for both food or Cannabis.  It is presently being tested to grow strawberries and Cannabis at present.  The Vertical Farming industry is set to be 5.80 Billion USD by 2022.

We need to educate everyone about the benefits of Medical Cannabis.  Justin Trudeau is taking his time and lying about the risks according to the latest Huffington Post

Justin Trudeau lied to get votes. Will you elect him again?

Is it really any surprise that rights are being licensed as though Government has a magic wand that makes what was deemed criminal just fine with a license. i.e. Government seemingly taking our freedoms to sell them back to us.

Rights are not gifts from Governments, and it’s about time we simply ignore and resist their tyrannical rule.

“Legal Poison” – that is what many are now coining the LP’s, and it is fitting with 3 lawsuits and surely more to follow, with LP’s consistently being caught selling product with banned carcinogenic pesticides.

Monsanto and Bayer are bidding for a piece of the pie with genetically modified cannabis and seed. Do we really want them to do to cannabis what they have done to wheat and corn crops which are now so toxic and devoid of nutrition from soil erosion and mono crop farming? This list goes on to include bees’ deaths from Monsanto’s toxic pollen and its “suicide seed”.

420 Windsor Ontario 2017 will be educating the public about the benefits of this natural medicine and how it is helping families worldwide.

Did you read the story about Charlotte’s Web and the amazing story of a little girl who was treated with CBD oil for her Epilepsy.  She had Dravet Syndrome

Is Cannabis oil a treatment for Paediatric Cancer Patients?


Leo Lucier has been a long time local Cannabis activist and past owner of Vapelated Lounge in Windsor, Ontario.  He knows about the Medical benefits of Cannabis.

Vapelated lounge


The Windsor Star, in Windsor Ontario has covered many stories about Leo Lucier including information about a fund raiser held at his lounge for the Cannabis Rights Coalition and also about courses to teach people how to grow Cannabis  At one time there were two companies open in downtown Windsor.  One was Vapelated and the other is called Higher Limits which is co-owned by Jon Liedtke420 Windsor Ontario

The formal press release for 420 Windsor Ontario 2017 was  published by Tom Hensel of Windsor, Ontario.

Potential vendors, volunteers, or event sponsors wanted

Please contact the people below on how you can make 420 Windsor Ontario 2017 a Great event.

420 Windsor Ontario 2017 organizers ask that you be generous and bring a donation of canned or dry goods in support of the local Windsor Food banks.

420 Windsor Ontario 2017

A retired police officer using Medical Cannabis for Parkinson’s Disease

Please share this event as Sam Mellace is making a special trip to educate the people of Windsor and surrounding areas.  He has an amazing life story to share, and will talk about the people the thousands of people he has helped in his lifetime.

**  We will update this page with more information as the date gets closer **