Brock Turner I have a question for you

How does it feel now Brock Turner?

brock turner

How do you support Brock, I can understand supporting his family.  The media is fooling us?  I do not have to write dates, names or statistics about Brock Turner “the life of”.  What I want to know, is how it feels now.  You spent 3 months in jail which we all know was not long enough.  But here is your life sentence:

  1. You have been registered as a sex offender which you earned.  Unlike a gold medal it is not something that will proudly display on your mantle.   Every time you travel, wherever you move to, that “gold medal of shame” will follow you.  This is something that you earned, as you will never EVER find out if you were “gold medal” material for swimming.
  2. Your famous “My name is Brock Turner. I’m a rapist” posters have been popping up in cities across the U.S.  How does that feel to be famous?
  3. Normally saved for celebrities.  Your photo is attached to thousands of rapist memes.  How does it feel to see your image shared so many times through memes on Social Media
  4. “Shout Your Rape”  the #shoutyourrape hashtag started trending as a means for women to publicly talk about sexual assault without fear or shame.  So because of you more and more women are sharing their stories so people like you do not get off so lightly.  Which you really do not care about about so I will not ask how you feel.
  5. How does it feel to be part of the neighbourhood watch?  Yes you are the one being watched.  Every step you make, everywhere you move it looks like there will be a neighbourhood watch waiting for you.
  6. You have also dragged your innocent family into the gutter What did they do to deserve this?  They dreamed of cheering you on at swimming events but alas they are dealing with the fact that you have to live with them and deal with your celebrity status as the “ex Stanford swimmer” otherwise known as the swimmer who got off lightly.  No gold medal for you, no more swimming but given the life achievement award for being a scum bag.  I think that is legal to say right.  We are not allowed to call you a ***ist or the media is not allowed.

What people are saying:

“Go protest your congressman, the courthouse — Not the neighborhood we live in.”

“He’s not going to live some happy pleasant life. We’re going to never let him forget what he did.”

“If he is uncomfortable then he begins to receive at least some punishment that he deserves for his crime.”

Reference what people are saying

Who I feel sorry for are your parents.  Media outlets from around the world who are taking photos of your parents who are innocent but that is something you never thought about did you.  Oh sorry, you were not thinking period.  And then there are your friends who are also being dragged into the story as well as armed people outside of your home which I do not agree with.

Why this story hit home with me?

My sister was raped when she was younger.  She passed away a few years ago but I am sure she would approve of me talking about it.  The person/persons who were charged got off as well.  They had better lawyers and because of this, they did not even get a slap on the wrist. (no sex offender list back then)   My sister was brave enough to go to the police as the person was very well known and considered dangerous.  After the trial we had a little police protection to make sure that nothing happened to us as a family, but the damage to her lasted a lifetime.  Our whole family was thrown under the bus with what was printed in newspapers.  I was in public school then, and it was horrible to hear what people said.  The person charged with the offence finally died in jail many years later.  He was killed by another inmate.  I found the newspaper article in my sisters drawer one day and wondered how she felt reading it.  I felt relief.

Brock Turner  was convicted and did little time, but his true sentence started the day he was released.  He will always wear the gold medal of being a sex offender for the rest of his life.  His name will not be forgotten  And hopefully, one day when he has children of his own he will realize one thing  As a parent we protect our children.  It is nature.  But it does not mean that we support everything you do. But you will protect your children like a bear protects its cubs.  And that is what your parents are doing for you now.

Enjoy you life sentence.  You earned it.