fear of the dark

fear of dark

Fear of the dark or what you can’t see? Think about it.  When we were teaching our grandchildren to swim they were only frightened when they could not feel their feet on the bottom of the pool.  That was their “comfort zone”.  Knowing and seeing that there was a bottom to the pool. As we […]

Tragically Hip till Death do we Part

tragically hip

The last Tragically Hip Tour How can you possibly relay the emotions felt by all Canadians and Tragically Hip Fans.  And why this tour was so important to  Gordon Downie the lead singer, and his fans.  For Downie, he is fighting an aggressive Brain Tumor called glioblastoma and with the help of his doctors decided to do one […]

#CallThemOut it is time to change the Duggar story

Duggar Family

The Hashtag #CallThemOut is trending because of Josh Duggar’s confession The story has shocked the world, the TV show on TLC is being pressured to cancel the show, advertisers are walking away but look what is happening on Twitter.  This is where the other side of victims stories are being told.  This is where we […]

Controversial sex education in Ontario

sex education ontario

Latest news about controversial sex education classes in Ontario The debate is on again.  I would like to hear from parents and grandparents on what you think about the proposed classes.  This is a screen print of what Premier Wynne has approved and will have in our schools by the fall of 2015 unless you […]

average weight gain over Christmas

Average weight gain over Christmas It is shocking to read how much weight people gain when there are some simple steps to follow. Fresh baked goodies are the worst, but there is a way to keep off those extra pounds.  I would love to share my secret tips for keeping those extra pounds at bay.  […]

How to survive Christmas with family

@stressful Christmas

How to survive Christmas with family Being a Grandmother, I have good and bad memories of past Christmases when traveling with children and visiting family. We had one Christmas where we decided we would have breakfast at one house, dinner at another, celebrate at another house on Boxing day. But when you have children, Christmas […]

the happiest day of your life then 14 weeks later….

happiest day

The happiest to the worst day of your life Having a happy healthy baby, with your husband by your side has to be the best moment in a women’s life. Kellie and AJ dreamed of the future together, watching their little boy Eli grow up. He was born very healthy and life was good. But […]

the best Christmas presents are

The best Christmas present are… I was just doing housework, unpacking suitcases from my last two trips and listening to some songs on Youtube. I love Cold Play and the song “Magic” not sure why but when I am working it is nice to have in the background. Just before I switched to a new […]

Maternity leave in Canada vs USA

Maternity leave in Canada vs USA The most heartbreaking vision is a new Mom having to take her child to daycare after Maternity Leave. Maternity Leave in Canada and the USA is so different. In this article it is perfectly clear: The U.S. has one of the poorest support systems for pregnant women and new […]

some day I promise

make more money

How many times have you said “Some day I promise” We encourage our children to have piggy banks, to save for a rainy day, or a special day. But we all know that it will take more than the contents of their piggy banks to take them to the places they really want to go […]