Fentanyl crisis in Ontario hits high levels

Fentanyl crisis in Ontario hits high levels

Fentanyl crisis in Ontario hits high levels but the  good news is that The Government Task Force has completed its report on the design of a new system to legalize, strictly regulate and restrict access to cannabis.  The bad news is that not enough people are talking about the crisis that we are having right now with Fentanyl and other opioids.  Canada needs to have accurate records of the number of overdoses and deaths due to Fentanyl to get a good grasp of how serious this topic is.  The Government also needs to get the word out to schools about all the deaths and stress the dangers.

My sister died several years ago due to a Fentanyl overdose.  She wore a patch that self administered the drug and it gave her a fatal overdose.  There was no investigation, yet her doctor should never have prescribed it to her.  When these patches get in the wrong hands it is fatal.  Even when the patch is removed it still has active ingredients on it.  Kids remove them from the garbage, cut them in squares and scrape any existing Fentanyl from the patch.  Prince the well known song writer and singer died of an overdose of this opiate.  It is a drug that is being used by all ages.  The Toronto Star has written various articles about the time it takes to get toxology results and the number of victims which has increased every year.

Windsor Ontario

Dr. Wajid Ahmed, associate medical officer of health with the Windsor-Essex County Health Unit, suspects fentanyl is playing a big role in overdoses in the area, but cannot say that conclusively.

“There is a lack of data throughout the province in general,” Ahmed said.


Fentanyl is “a whole different level of addiction,” he said, noting that the drug has affected every area of the province.

Many of the victims are casual drug users l, who may not know that fentanyl is now being cut into many drugs, including cocaine and heroin, that are sold on the street.  Just recently a 16 year old was found dead in a Starbucks.

I am researching the topic of Fentanyl and Marijuana and found this on The National Post :

Marijuana surveillance

As the government prepares to legalize weed, it proposes $9.6 million over five years, and $1 million every year thereafter, for “public education programming and surveillance activities.” The suggestion of “surveillance” without any explanation seems a little dubious. Finance Canada, swamped with media requests Thursday, didn’t get back to us on that one.

How much money is being used to educate the public on the much deadlier drug Fentanyl and other opioids?  That is a question many people are asking including medical personnel.

Yet, when you Google any media page for the term “overdose of Marijuana” there are no results.

Fentanyl crisis in Ontario hits high levels

It is not right to compare overdose symptoms of Marijuana compared to Fentanyl, but if you read the insert in a Fentanyl package you will be shocked.  It looks nothing like this:

Fentanyl crisis in Ontario hits high levels