Health Canada causing arrests

Health Canada causing arrests

If Prime Minister Trudeau supported Medical Marijuana for patients why isn’t he looking into the Health Canada delays for applications to grow.  The number of arrests due to Health Canada delays is clogging up the court system and costing the tax payers millions of dollars.  Not only are patients frustrated with Health Canada, so are the Police according to a recent interview.  Groups have formed on the Internet where images like this one are popping up


Health Canada

Many of the patients have been using Medical Marijuana since the ACMPR days based on the decision of the Allard case. The Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) was a set of Canadian regulations enacted in July 2013.  The MMPR program replaced the Marihuana Medical Access Regulations (MMAR). The MMAR was enacted in July 2001.  So just how long does it take for Health Canada to get their act together? Thousands of patients with serious medical conditions have seen delays exceeding 8 months. If they choose to grow outdoors, they lose that window of good growing weather.  Many patients do not have the finances to pay for their medication as they are on disability and have limited funds.  I have interviewed these patients who have been diagnosed with Cancer and unable to work.  The fight to live is hard, but getting their license from Health Canada has increased their anxiety and caused more medical problems.  For those who are just renewing their licenses, there is no fast track.  They get in line with the hundreds of applications that are in a backlog.

According to the Marijuana Law website:

Statement from Health Canada concerning access to cannabis for medical purposes
August 11, 2016
Ottawa, ON
Health Canada

OTTAWA – In response to the Federal Court of Canada’s decision in Allard v. Canada, Health Canada today announced the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Individuals wishing to produce a limited amount of cannabis for their own medical purposes, or to designate someone to produce it for them, will need to obtain authorization from their health care practitioner and register with Health Canada. Additional information on how to register and legally purchase starting materials will be available on August 24.

A recent article by CBC talks about how patients are fighting back:


Health Canada

@CBC Marijuana activist Ray Turmel says there should be a moratorium on prosecuting pot-related charges until pot is legal in Canada. (Jaela Bernstien/CBC)

An activist group is encouraging people charged with marijuana-related offences to purposefully clog up the courts, to punish the system for prosecuting them.

Quebec-based marijuana activist Ray Turmel says if the government is going to treat people like criminals for what he calls “peanut” offences, then he’s going to hit back the best way he knows how.

“What I’m doing is trying to bottleneck the court system and cost them a lot of money,” he says.


The reverse side of these delays is that more serious crimes are being stayed as a result of the backlog.  Charges for what every one agrees, is the criminals Trudeau should be targeting.  The drug dealers who are peddling Fentanyl and other Opiods.  The organized crime that Trudeau speaks about are these people and they need to be taken off the streets.

More and more people are taping their calls to Health Canada.  I have heard many and this one he kept calm.  Other very seriously ill patients have pleaded on the phone with Health Canada to no avail.  There is no fast track for them.


Health Canada is very aware of the implications if they give Patients legal advice.  Why is it that every call to Health Canada, they admit they know of the backlog, they say they have hired mores staff, but there is still a serious backlog.  They know the number of applications they get.  The question on everyones lips is “When will you hire more people to accommodate the increasing applications to grow?”  And when will Health Canada have a fast track system for people who need to renew due to address change or their yearly renewal requirement?

A Health Canada license to grow is NOT like a renewal for a drivers license.  Once you have been approved it should be a simple and fast renewal process.  At least with a drivers license you are given something temporary so you can still drive.   Patients waiting for a renewal should be given the same thing.

Health Canada

In 2016 a Peterborough man was arrested, his charges were later stayed.  But all of his equipment was not returned.

This woman was charged as she had one plant.

Health Canada

The report says:

Alternative measures

She was released and was scheduled to appear in court April 26. However, Peters told CBC News on Monday that RCMP are speaking to Crown prosecutors about the possibility of pursuing alternative measures instead of charges.

The burning question still remains.  If Justin Trudeau is so concerned about the safety of children and getting it out of the hands of the criminal element than why are people like this woman still being arrested?