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Health Starts here – There is a diamond inside you.

30 day diet

Every day I get asked the same question.   Where did your health journey start and why?  What was the turning point?  It started with me asking my doctor questions and not getting answers.  My health had deteriorated, I was overweight, I was ALWAYS tired.  When I asked him how to lose weight his advice was this:

Stop eating bread, butter, cheese, potatoes and get some exercise

It was like asking a financial advisor how to make more money and them saying  invest better but don’t tell you how.   Would you go back to that person or would you do your own research.  But in fairness, his expertise was not in nutrition.  I had to find the answers myself.

And one day the solution came to me.  I was talked into going to one of those BNI meetings.  Let me tell you, that was not a healthy breakfast they were serving but I did meet an amazing person.  His name was Brock Parker.  He did not try to sell me anything, but he did have a book with him.  The Universe wanted us to meet that day I am sure of it.  I sat beside him and noticed he had a binder on his lap that was full of photos like the ones below.    I was very curious and asked A LOT of questions.  Long story short, this person SAVED me.  He is not a doctor, he is not even in the medical field.  He was a vacuum sales man who owned his own business,  worked long hours to provide for his family, he was tired, overweight, overworked and someone showed him this solution.  These are some of the samples of people whose lives have changed with that same SOLUTION.  They are rock stars, they are Diamonds because they kept going.

Health Starts here —————>

Health starts here

health starts here weight loss

So what do you need to move from being Coal to a Diamond?



health starts here

Spartan Race – who wants to win?

The video below is of real people just like you who were exhausted.  They were busy Moms, busy Dads, business owners and even Health professionals who put the Health of others before their own.  They lost 100 – 400 lbs, but as of 2017 there has been 2 people who have lost 400 lbs.

30 day diet

Health starts here

What is your life worth? Are you satisfied being coal or do you want to be a Diamond?  It takes time, and you will need help.  And I am here to help you

The most exciting news I have to share now is that this solution is going to be available in the UK.  I can finally help friends and relatives in the UK with their health goals.  If you live in the UK and are interested, please contact me below.  Isagenix launches in UK

***Footnote **** Many of you have contacted me regarding my articles that I have written about Medical Cannabis.  I have a medical condition that I sought natural remedies for.  There is no cure, but I learned that Nutrition was my first step and looking at alternative treatments for diseases was the best route.  I talk to thousands of people every year who have fought Cancer, PTSD, PCOS, Diabetics.  I give them all the same advice.  Seriously look at what you are eating.  You are what you eat.  Become a label reader, you will learn a lot about the foods you are eating and the ones that you shouldn’t.