Renew your vows

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Renew your vows Remember when you made your vows for your wedding ceremony? Have you ever made vows for your life? I am sure you have made New years Resolutions, or on your birthday or after a life changing event. You planned on learning a new skill, changing your job, taking that dream vacation, cut […]

I lost my job what do I do

I lost my job what do I do

I lost my job what do I do?? It was a normal morning. I got in early as per usual. Made the coffee for the other people in the office. Everyone started coming in, grabbing a coffee and going to their desks. Then I was called in to the office by the Office Manager. There […]

Lia Sophia closing down after 28 years

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The death of the Lia Sophia business Thousands of women woke up to the news that Lia Sophia is closing down after 28 years.   Yes according to the official Lia Sophia Blog The Facebook group page is overflowing with shocked messages from present customers, loyal consultants and business builders.  Twenty eight years is a long […]

are you scared of risk

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Are you scared of risk? Did you know that more heart attacks happen on a Monday because people do not want to go to their job. Do you know people who live for Hump Day Wednesday and count down till Friday? Do you know people who work 50 weeks a year to get a measly […]