medical marijuana patients win court battle

Medical marijuana patients win court battle in Canada

Wow, what amazing news for medical marijuana patients.  They got their right to grow back.   Just hours ago it was officially announced.  Why is this important?  Many patients could not get the right strain for what they needed.  As the medical conditions vary, so does the strain needed for them to get relief.

CBC Canada

medical marijuana in Canada

Medical marijuana patients in Canada are no longer limited to getting the drug from a licensed producer. Under new laws set to take effect Aug. 24, patients can grow their own cannabis to fit their prescription or get someone else to grow it for them. (David McNew/Reuters)

One group who is ecstatic about the news is the Cannabis Rights Coalition.  They have fought strong and hard for this day and thousands of medical marijuana users are celebrating today because of groups like this who were part of the legal fight.  What is the next step?  To legalize Marijuana which they expect to happen in the Spring of 2017Cannabis rights coalition


I am sure this will mean more compassionate clubs opening to cater to the people who want to smoke with other patients in a comfortable safe setting.  I interviewed one owner of a compassionate club who I am sure is very excited about this court ruling.

How do you feel about the legalization of marijuana in Canada? Or the use of medical marijuana for MS, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc.