Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana

Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana – Trudeau are you listening?

Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana

Wow just read some great news for Medical Marijuana users in Michigan.

The law also licenses and regulates facilities where state-qualified patients may legally obtain medical marijuana. Michigan was one of the only medical marijuana states in the country that had yet to regulate the dispensing of medicinal cannabis. About 210,000 residents are now registered in the state’s medical program.

Other provisions in the law establish a ‘seed to sale’ tracking system on products provided by dispensaries in order to assure that these products are adequately tested for safety. Separate provisions offer localities controls with regard to regulating the location and number of dispensaries, and also establish state licensing fees and excise taxation levels.


So Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana – there is hope for Canada?

I think everyone can agree that sometimes Government agencies can over think, and over analyze.  Right now we can brew our own beer and make our own wine but not sell it (of course.)  In my lifetime I have seen the changes to our Liquor laws.  When I was younger and legal drinking age, you had to get a waitress to move your drink if you changed your table.  You could not buy a drink on a Sunday.  It would be interesting to see how long that took.  Shoppers Drug Mart decided that cigarettes should not be sold in their stores and they banned them.  Very simple and the decision was welcomed.  Think about this.  We choose where we buy our medication from and are not limited to just ONE pharmacy.  Here in Canada, it has been suggested to sell it from an LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) the keyword is Control.  They do not have the experience to dispense medication.  Who came up with this idea?  Dispensaries are working in various places in the U.S.A..  I think this should be considered the most viable place.  They can check ID to make sure the person is of age, they can keep records so the “Patient” is given the right dosage and the right strain for their disease.  It appears we have to wait until November before we find out what happens in Canada.  The task force is expected to release a report.