Brock Turner I have a question for you

brock turner

How does it feel now Brock Turner? How do you support Brock, I can understand supporting his family.  The media is fooling us?  I do not have to write dates, names or statistics about Brock Turner “the life of”.  What I want to know, is how it feels now.  You spent 3 months in jail […]

why do they charge five cents for a shopping bag

Why do they charge five cents for a bag? Do you remember when they brought in this bylaw to charge 5 cents for shopping bags? I see it as another tax. I carry shopping bags with me, the reusable kind as I like to contribute less waste in our landfill, but here is the question. […]

My new Ford Escape

Ford Escape titanium

My new Ford Escape Best Ford Dealership for Sales and service Well I have been driving a Ford Edge for about 3 years now and it was time to get a new car. I decided on a smaller car, with the same features as the Edge. What I love about the Escape is that the […]