fear of the dark

fear of dark

Fear of the dark or what you can’t see? Think about it.  When we were teaching our grandchildren to swim they were only frightened when they could not feel their feet on the bottom of the pool.  That was their “comfort zone”.  Knowing and seeing that there was a bottom to the pool. As we […]

read labels before you buy

read labels

Read labels – you may be shocked what you find out I never use to read labels.  When I go grocery shopping I always compare prices.  I look at what is on sale, and ask myself if the cheaper, no name product will taste as good.   But now I have to look closely at labels for […]

Health starts here | make diamonds from coal

30 day diet

Health Starts here – There is a diamond inside you. Every day I get asked the same question.   Where did your health journey start and why?  What was the turning point?  It started with me asking my doctor questions and not getting answers.  My health had deteriorated, I was overweight, I was ALWAYS tired.  When I […]

Mike Harcourt Medical Cannabis debate

Mike Harcourt

Mike Harcourt Medical Cannabis debate Who does this guy think he is? I just read the latest news who is claiming that grown adults are incapable of making their own decisions. I am sorry Mike Harcourt, aren’t these the same grown adults that voted for you? This article says “Harcourt calls dispensary cannabis “dangerous,” while […]

Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana

Michigan regulates Medical Marijuana – Trudeau are you listening? Wow just read some great news for Medical Marijuana users in Michigan. The law also licenses and regulates facilities where state-qualified patients may legally obtain medical marijuana. Michigan was one of the only medical marijuana states in the country that had yet to regulate the dispensing […]

Legalize marijuana in Canada – we need answers

Legalize marijuana in Canada – not till 2017 but what then? Why aren’t Medical Cannabis patients included in the task force that Justin Trudeau has set up.  Why not find out from patients what they need and the serious issues they are experiencing NOW.   Why haven’t they been asked questions or involved in a poll?  We want […]

Medical marijuana news the shocking developments

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana News Many Canadians voted for the Liberals because of their campaign promises   They said: We will create a federal/provincial/territorial task force, and with input from experts in public health, substance abuse, and law enforcement, will design a new system of strict marijuana sales and distribution, with appropriate federal and provincial excise taxes applied. […]

Nova Scotia & Royal bank cut off marijuana businesses

When did banks decide to discriminate?   Nova Scotia & Royal bank cut off marijuana businesses because? According to CTV News here in Canada, on September 11th they announced that they will no longer support small businesses in the marijuana industry. According to this article, they said: Scotiabank and the Royal Bank of Canada say […]

Brock Turner I have a question for you

brock turner

How does it feel now Brock Turner? How do you support Brock, I can understand supporting his family.  The media is fooling us?  I do not have to write dates, names or statistics about Brock Turner “the life of”.  What I want to know, is how it feels now.  You spent 3 months in jail […]

Tragically Hip till Death do we Part

tragically hip

The last Tragically Hip Tour How can you possibly relay the emotions felt by all Canadians and Tragically Hip Fans.  And why this tour was so important to  Gordon Downie the lead singer, and his fans.  For Downie, he is fighting an aggressive Brain Tumor called glioblastoma and with the help of his doctors decided to do one […]