Oscars 2015 its all about the swag bag

Oscar swag for the losers ? Photo credit Well I saw that a lot of actors and actresses getting an Oscar last night.  The only problem it was the one in the photo above.   I think it should have been included in the swag bag as I saw a lot of actors and actresses and […]

Facebook breaking up is so hard to do

Facebook I thought we were friends?? Facebook and I have had an amazing relationship, but Facebook breaking up is so hard to do.  Man, I have been with you through thick and thin, never missing a day and filling my wall and other friends with photos, recipes, travel photos, birthdays and sharing great websites that […]

postmenopausal bleeding

full of bliss

Postmenopausal bleeding I am writing this post as I just went to the Doctors yesterday for a biopsy. I think the whole reason why people blog, is to inform and educate others so hopefully this will educate you as much as it did me. As many people know, I have been on a healthy weight […]

Renew your vows

rewew your vows board

Renew your vows Remember when you made your vows for your wedding ceremony? Have you ever made vows for your life? I am sure you have made New years Resolutions, or on your birthday or after a life changing event. You planned on learning a new skill, changing your job, taking that dream vacation, cut […]

I lost my job what do I do

I lost my job what do I do

I lost my job what do I do?? It was a normal morning. I got in early as per usual. Made the coffee for the other people in the office. Everyone started coming in, grabbing a coffee and going to their desks. Then I was called in to the office by the Office Manager. There […]

I caught my body cheating

@too much fast food

I caught my body cheating You know those days..the ones where you find yourself with an empty bag of potato chips and wonder if there was a hole in the bag or if you had actually ate the whole thing.   My body finds all sorts of ways of getting me to cheat.  Does your body […]

Controversial sex education in Ontario

sex education ontario

Latest news about controversial sex education classes in Ontario The debate is on again.  I would like to hear from parents and grandparents on what you think about the proposed classes.  This is a screen print of what Premier Wynne has approved and will have in our schools by the fall of 2015 unless you […]

average weight gain over Christmas

Average weight gain over Christmas It is shocking to read how much weight people gain when there are some simple steps to follow. Fresh baked goodies are the worst, but there is a way to keep off those extra pounds.  I would love to share my secret tips for keeping those extra pounds at bay.  […]