Blendtec blender review

Blendtec blender review I saw a demonstration for a Blendtec blender and was blown away. I watched how this woman threw in everything from pineapple to spinach and a little coconut oil to boot. She told me that places like Starbucks trust this machine as it is an Industrial strength. Because I make healthy protein […]

losing weight after 50

lose 5 lbs of fat

Losing weight after 50 I am on a weight loss journey and I am putting it out to the world to hold me accountable. I will lose 60 lbs by the time I am 60. I had 3 children. My first was 11 lbs 8 3/4 ozs, my second a girl and last child was […]

booking a hotel online

Booking a hotel online Over the last month I have had the good and bad fortune of choosing and booking a hotel online. My husband wanted to surprise me for our 40th Ruby wedding anniversary so he got online and thought he was booking direct through the hotel website. No problem, it was Expedia. We […]