About Me – professional blogger


Patsy CopusI am a wife and Grandmother and a professional blogger.  What does that mean exactly?  Some people blog as a hobby, I do this full time as I enjoy working from home in my home office.  I talk about currents events in Canada, especially Ontario as that is where I reside.  I have worked from home since 1998 when I started my first online business.  I was diagnosed with MS after the birth of my third child Jamie which was devastating but it did not end there.   At the age of 18 months I lost my youngest son to Meningitis, and many years later I lost my eldest son at the age of 25 to a freak ATV accident.  No one can prepare you for the loss of a child or children in my case.  I learned to blog over 5 years ago now and found it very therapeutic and got hooked.  Many people ask me about the coffee cup logo.  I love coffee and frequent Starbucks.  The three beans represent my 3 Grand kids, the other loves of my life.  You could say my cup is always full of love and BLISS today unlike the years before when I was consumed with grief.

In order to make a living, I support Health eating and awareness, so if you click on a link it could be one of the companies I support and I get compensated for referring you there.  Think of me as your local corner shop, without revenue I will close down.  This is what professional bloggers do

Not everyone will agree with my beliefs but there is a reason why I set up this blog.  I want to be a Health and Wellness Ambassador, as well as a supporter of the rights of Canadians to legalize marijuana for medical purposes.  If your interested in knowing more on this subject, read about it here

Thank you for visiting my blog.  If you want to know more about being a professional blogger or making money from working from home please contact me.