Medical marijuana news the shocking developments

medical marijuana

Medical Marijuana News Many Canadians voted for the Liberals because of their campaign promises   They said: We will create a federal/provincial/territorial task force, and with input from experts in public health, substance abuse, and law enforcement, will design a new system of strict marijuana sales and distribution, with appropriate federal and provincial excise taxes applied. […]

medical marijuana patients win court battle

medical marijuana in Ontario

Medical marijuana patients win court battle in Canada Wow, what amazing news for medical marijuana patients.  They got their right to grow back.   Just hours ago it was officially announced.  Why is this important?  Many patients could not get the right strain for what they needed.  As the medical conditions vary, so does the strain […]

legalize Marijuana in Ontario

medical marijuana in Ontario

Legalize Marijuana in Ontario because that is where I live 🙂 I visited my first Vape Lounge in Ontario at Vapelated  26 Chatham St. E. in Windsor, Ontario.  An amazing location in the heart of Windsor which borders Detroit, Michigan.  When I walked in, I noticed that it looked just like an ordinary bar. The […]