Tragically Hip till Death do we Part

The last Tragically Hip Tour

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How can you possibly relay the emotions felt by all Canadians and Tragically Hip Fans.  And why this tour was so important to  Gordon Downie the lead singer, and his fans.  For Downie, he is fighting an aggressive Brain Tumor called glioblastoma and with the help of his doctors decided to do one last tour with his band.   For his fans, they wanted to see the band play one more time.  When the tour was announced, no one was prepared for the rage that people felt when most of the tickets got grabbed by selfish scalpers.  But the CBC came to the rescue and decided to broadcast it in every home in Canada.  And if that was not enough, Fans of the group had their own Hip parties or organized street parties with big screens.  In true patriotic fashion, one of the most iconic groups in Canada was getting an amazing send off. Macleans magazine says:  Why this man? Why this band? Nickelback has sold more than six times as many records as the Tragically Hip. (50 million vs. eight million—but who’s counting?) Will we lament their passing the same way? Will children’s choirs assemble to sing “How You Remind Me”?  One thing to remember is, we are NOT saying goodbye to this band.  It was a time to celebrate Gordon Downies life, he is NOT ready to say Goodbye.

And Justin Trudeau, I have a message for you below.  By supporting this great Canadian songwriter at his last concert, there is much more you can do for Canadians with Cancer.

Justin Trudeau meets Tragically Hip fans in downtown Kingston before the final stop on their Man Machine Poem tour. (Photograph by Nick Iwanhyshyn)

Justin Trudeau meets Tragically Hip fans in downtown Kingston before the final stop on their Man Machine Poem tour. (Photograph by Nick Iwanhyshyn)


Lucky Tragically Hip fans who DID get tickets


tickets for concert

To all those who were lucky enough to get a ticket

I chose to sit in my living room to celebrate The Tragically Hips last concert and Gordon Downie’s life.   Even before the band took the stage I was amazed.  Thousands of people starting singing “O Canada” and waved our flag.  I do not think I have ever seen a concert start like this one.  No other concert will go down in Canadian history like this one.  Every song sung by the Tragically Hip threw people back to a memory they cherished.  One of my favourites will always be New Orleans is Sinking. I turned up the speakers and sang to all the songs.

I loved what I read about the concert being shown in BOBCAYGEON, Ontario, which most of you know is the community that became well known following the Hip’s hit single “Bobcaygeon” from their 1998 album “Phantom Power.” The song earned a Juno Award for Best Single in 2000.

In Toronto, the newspaper The Toronto Star, listed all the outdoor events that the concert could be seen on a big screen.  And in my own small town, it was shown at the Boondocks Drive – In

The Charity will live on

Since the concert I have read so much about what the “Hip” has done over the years for a variety of charities.  According to the, who wrote about   Camp Trillium.

In typical fashion, the singer has lent his name to the Gord Downie Fund for Brain Cancer Research, which has been set up at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto where he has been receiving treatment.   Cumming said, After 30 years of giving and helping, the dollar figure would be in the millions.

But it’s about more than money.

Fiona Fisher said the Camp Trillium families have been buying tickets to the latest Hip shows all across Ontario because they know what the Downie family is going through.Den

“There will be a strong Camp Trillium base at the concerts. People support people who support them,” she said. “That’s what The Tragically Hip are finding now. They’ve been helping us for over 20 years, but not with the thought they’d have to deal with cancer themselves. And it’s so sad.”

Fisher said Downie and the band are digging deep to carry on with life, the way Camp Trillium families do.

“What Gord Downie is showing is you can live with cancer. Nobody knows how long they’re going to live. So our philosophy is to make sure families have a great time,” Fisher said.

“You’re not known for the disease. There’s a lot to be remembered for what you’re good at, not what disease is in your body. I hope people remember him for his singing. He’s trying to live to the max now. And that’s what we try to do.”


Lets beat Cancer

Despite being diagnosed with glioblastoma, known as the most aggressive cancerous brain tumor, Downie gave it his all.  His doctor, James Perry was quoted on Global News as saying

“You need to be highly motivated, maintain your fitness level. He’s done all of those things. So I’m not surprised to see he can do this because he was so motivated to do this,” Perry, head of neurology at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, said about Downie’s fatigue level on tour. His doctor was quoted as saying “For the fans, it’s going to be an incredible show. They’ll blow the roof off the ACC. It is such a dynamic, energy filled show. With the emotion from the news, the shows have been loud. They’ve been emotional. People have been crying. It’s just a joy to be there.

”Till Death do us Part”  This was a celebration of life in its truest form  How many of us get to stand on a stage and celebrate our life like Gordon Downie did?  Thousands of people singing along to every song that he sung, the mixed emotions of hearing songs from our youth.  And the thought that must have gone through everybody’s mind.  We are all going to die, but how will we truly live.  If we were told we had a Terminal disease, how would we choose to spend the rest of our lives.  His fans are hoping he will beat this Cancer.  We know there is one patient who lived another 20 years after diagnosis.  We can only hope and pray that he is blessed with more.  For me, my attitude is to find a cure, or to alleviate the pain that Cancer patients have to deal with.


Justin Trudeau at the Tragically Hips last concert

I saw Justin Trudeau at the concert and I hope he realizes that by attending a concert to support the Tragically Hip should not be about selfies and a photo op.  He has the ability to help millions of Canadians if he chooses to.  He could be doing MUCH MORE  by supporting the families who are impacted by Cancer.  Cancer costs money and it terminally destroys their finances as well.  Millions of Cancer patients are still fighting for  Medical Marijuana treatments.  It is assisting patients with the pain associated with Cancer and many others have seen remarkable results (including cures)   Let’s hope Trudeau remembers this when Marijuana is legalized next year  THIS is why so many people voted for him.  Don’t let Cancer patients down  they are depending on you and MILLIONS of others who are suffering with  other life threatening diseases and conditions.  If you want to see the faces of Canadians you need to see the ones who are being helped by MM.  Not only with CANCER, but families with children who have multiple Epileptic seizures, Multiple Sclerosis (Canada has the highest rate of multiple sclerosis (MS) in the world, with an estimated 100,000 Canadians living with the disease)  You can be a part of the solution Justin.

Ode to Justin Trudeau

You could be Ahead by a Century, or a Nautical Disaster while New Orleans is Sinking and your friends are dying of Cancer.   Your Little Bones even though you are over 38 years Old will sing the Canadian National Anthem with Butts Wiggling at every photo op.  At the 100th Meridian, moving An Inch an Hour with an Anchor on a Thread at the All Canadian Surf Club, with its 700 Ft Ceiling All Tore Up .  Are we Family, Are you ready, As I wind down the Pines , As Makeshift as we are in the Big City in this Black Day in July. Have the Courage, Don’t Wake Daddy – Save the Planet. Use Edible Paper in a World Possessed by the Human Mind – in Sarnia.  Have the Grace to celebrate Happy Hour, Fully Completely as Escape is at Hand for the Travelling’ Man.  Now for Plan A, Now  the Struggle Has a Name, we are ON THE VERGE.  Does the Man Machine Poem mean anything to you?  You have NEVER WORKED THAT HARD, the DARK CANUCK, Psychedelic Ramblings of Rich Kids, this SUMMER IS KILLING US.  We are at THE LONELY END OF THE RINK, we do not have THE LUXURY, THEY’VE ALL GONE.  There is trouble at the henhouse.  You are everywhere, like Mild Mountain Honey, you see Details, so Don’t Wait so Long.  When the weight comes down, we are Tired as Fuck.  Twist my arm, under my Vaccination Scar, we can’t wait so Long.  We walk the Cemetery Sideroad in Chagrin Falls singing Baby Please Don’t Go, I called her Bumblebee as the words Crack my Spine Like a Whip.  It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken at this Killing Time.  It was a Long Time Running, but the Inevitability of Death is upon us.  I pose No Threat, Now the Struggle has a Name.  The Last of the Unplucked Gems, The Heart of the Melt, …….the darkest one CANCER.

Life should have encores

Gordon Downie and the Tragically Hip came back on stage for THREE encores.   The fans asked and Downie gave it his all.  The last songs were excruciatingly emotional up to the very last song, Ahead by a Century.  I think we can all agree, life is not a dress rehearsal.

First thing we’d climb a tree and maybe then we’d talk
Or sit silently and listen to our thoughts
With illusions of someday casting a golden light
No dress rehearsal, this is our life

Today we stand proud to be Canadian and sending love to a True Iconic Canadian band.  Thank you for the memories

tragically hip